Welcome to a colourful world!

Today’s LED technology enables the production of powerful and efficient lights that will soon replace conventional light bulbs and neon tubes, which contain quicksilver.

LED technology has made it possible to create home lighting in any desired colour.

Controlling lighting via a smartphone or remote is certainly a good idea – and that is, of course, something we can also do…

However, a much better idea is not to rely purely on a remote, but also be in a position to control lighting via the existing power line.

No remote or smartphone is required, only a wall-mounted switch – a capacitive touchpad that fits flush into the wall enclosure, is always in place and doesn’t need to be charged. All the commands are transferred to the lamps that you wish to control via the existing power line.

We specialise in power line communications (PLC).

WADAK develops and manufactures components to build high power LED colour lighting control systems. With the WADAK system, you can adjust the white light to any desired colour temperature and intensity as well as the coloured light to any desired hue and luminosity. These unique devices are both cost-effective and easy to integrate into every existing electrical installation.

Creating the right atmosphere by choosing the lighting’s colour, intensity and saturation is a fascinating experience.

Developed and manufactured in Lower Saxony, our products are 100% Made in Germany.

Our offer:

  • Complete development of customer-specific products, such as LED-PCBs, RGBW dimmers and capacitive touch controllers
  • Manufacturing of customer-specific, LED-based products
  • Distribution of our standard products

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